Weight reduction Recipe: Apricot Chicken

Because you are watching your weight, doesn’t mean the entire family can’t make the most of your wellbeing improving suppers! The children will love “Apricot Chicken” and you will love it since it is so low in calories and fat!

Long haul weight reduction isn’t about craving, hopelessness and accident abstaining from food. It’s a radical better approach for figuring out how to get ready nutritious nourishment that your body needs and appreciates. “Apricot Chicken” is one of a scope of appetite battling, low fat formulas to help you hold your weight under control. This powerful, no-bother feast will help you achieve your weight reduction objectives – while making mealtime a genuine treat.

Assortment is a crucial component of any effective wellbeing program. On the off chance that you get exhausted with nourishments, you’re a great deal more inclined to relinquish your project out and out. Every principle supper ought to be joined by an energizing scope of brilliant vegetables.

Apricot Chicken (serves 4)


2 containers (460g) strong pack canned apricots (or canned puree apricots)

4 skinless chicken bosoms

1 extensive onion, hacked coarsely

ground dark pepper, to taste

2 sage leaves, finely hacked or ½ teaspoon dried sage

1 sprig thyme, hacked

1 tablespoon natural product chutney

1 tablespoon cornflour (cornstarch)

2 tablespoons water

1 tablespoon finely hacked chives or mint for trimming


1. Save four apricot parts for trimming. Puree remaining apricots in a sustenance processor or blender or press through a sifter.

2. Orchestrate chicken filets in a solitary layer in a meal. Sprinkle over onion, pepper and herbs.

3. Consolidate chutney and apricot puree and pour over the chicken.

Prepare in a preheated 180C (350F) broiler for 30 minutes.

4. Blend the cornflour and water to a smooth glue.

5. Expel dish from broiler. Utilize an opened spoon to lift out chicken bosoms; cover and keep warm.

6. Channel the sauce frame the dish into a pot. Add the cornflour glue to the sauce and warmth, mixing continually, until it thickens. Cook a further two minutes.

7. Organize a chicken bosom on every plate and spoon sauce over every one. Trim with apricot parts and hacked chives and serve.

Sustenance per serve

192 calories, sugar 11g, protein 26g, fat 5g

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