Is Aerobic Base Training For Mountain Biking Dead?

There are a couple of years, I have proposed a couple of radical ideas, cardio, and training for cyclists. So, I already have a lot of people, the doubts about my mental health. Coupling of aerobic training, has been one of the most important training programs for decades, and many of the season, the program for cyclists, there is a long period of time, jump boring miles for the coach. While some people have captured my concepts (and had success of “aerobics”, despite the fact that little or nothing aerobic), and many others wonder, why this concept is so different from “scientific”.

I explain, because people training with weights dig to find the one that works in the real world (which is VERY different from the laboratory control of the configuration parameters), and then apply. Sometimes, what we have in the face of traditional “science” of learning. The workers, the athletes collect what to do, study and then they say, because it works. This process usually takes around 5 to 10 years or more to go in the forefront, in the trenches, studying in a classroom.

So, this means that there is a lot of scientific research, to confirm that I know that the basis of aerobics, in practice, simply does not work on a constant basis in the real world. But, now, there are two places in the symbol of the survey show that, in the anaerobic-interval training is much larger than the exterior, the models that are offered in the line of fitness support.

The main reason for the mountain bike felt in the duty to enable the connection of aerobics, training in the program was: to increase aerobic capacity. The scientific method to accept, for the purpose of determining aerobic capacity is VO2Max (Maximum Volume of Oxygen Consumed), is an indicator of how well your body can use oxygen. Aerobic exercise has been shown to increase the VO2Max, therefore, it was deemed necessary for the development of cardiovascular disease.

But the coach in the first line to understand that the best way to increase the VO2Max, and, in consequence, aerobic capacity, through industry training, and not aerobic! While this might not make a lot of sense, it is true. Several recent studies anaerobic areas has produced some of the biggest increases in VO2Max have already been seen, including the aerobic studies.

The research, in particular, has been made to what is commonly called the Protocol Tabata. This method means that-if within 20 seconds in the race, and after 10 seconds of pause, and this mini-intervals of 6-8 times per round. The training may include 1-3 turns, (full recovery between rounds). The researchers found a huge increase in the affairs of VO2Max more anaerobic endurance marker. The increases in VO2Max were some of the largest ever seen in the study, and demonstrated that the aerobic exercise is not the only (or best) way to improve aerobic capacity.

Another important study, published in September 2006, the Journal of Physiology that studies the impact of 20 minutes of training of intervals of 30 seconds sprint, and then in the space of a pause of 4 minutes) in comparison with the 90 to 120 minutes, with the traditional aerobic heart rate zone for a workout. They found that the domain of a group that has only 1 hour of exercise in a week, are the improvement of aerobic capacity, as a group, aerobic. I have already said, aerobic, the group has started for 4-6 hours per week of training?

4 to 6 times the amount of physical exercise to achieve the same results of aerobic capacity? In addition, it does not take into account that the area that the group had improved their anaerobic possibility of something, and the group aerobics classes. This surprising conclusion, and shows the amount of time that you can spend with aerobics.

I have already mentioned, and here is the evidence of anaerobic intervals increase aerobic capacity, but also its capacity anaerobic, but aerobic training does not increase your anaerobic capacity.. This means that if you have a limited time for training (and who is not), it is possible to lose time with aerobic exercise. Anaerobic intervals are the only way to improve the efficiency in a limited period of time to learn.

There is also no proof that all that you need to burn or cause harm of training throughout the year. This is just a myth that has already been told so many times, was accepted as the truth. I challenge anyone to find me, only in a study, that in the declaration.

What if you found, that goes directly to the hard disk of learning (intensity, or extension or aerobic) without preparation, the increase in the probability of injury. So, like all the others, it is necessary to work on every rule in the core and the intervals of repetition, duration, and intensity, but there is no reason that you can periodically throughout the year.

Now, to compensate, there are 2 times that aerobic training has no place in your program. In the first place, if not in form, that can withstand even the most simple of the ranges, then you should spend a little time ago, the aerobic, to work a little. But once you can take a rest, you should make the change.

In the second place, the aerobic exercise is ideal for an active holiday (which I also said). Exit to the light, a 20-minute walk or the horse will help you to wash off the blood, the muscles, help recover from your workout with weights, and a series of meetings faster. These 2 things, however, already pass, aerobics, the practice may be killed.

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